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Disabled students

沙巴体育手机版欢迎残疾学生申请, and will work with you to make sure that appropriate accommodation is available.

Students with any access requirements or questions are encouraged to email student-rooms@jesus.pysjzg.com与沙巴体育手机版讨论这些问题. 可以安排套间住宿, a ground floor room, 或其他调整,事先通知.

You might find the 大学进入个别学院的指南 useful. 你可以阅读更多关于沙巴体育手机版的信息 本科生房租及费用 所有房间,或电子邮件 student-rooms@jesus.pysjzg.com有任何问题.

Hear from students


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